Emily Gertz

Emily Gertz

Emily joined the VCA team in 2016. Emily comes from a background in Children’s, and youth ministry; retaining her Ministry Credentials through Global University. Her classroom feeling matches her skill set, and personality. It is pleasant and inviting. Emily encourages creativity in her programs, and classes. She writes plays and programs for the children to perform, and enjoys helping students discover, and develop their God given gifts and talents.


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We are a vibrant community who exist for the purpose of assisting families in their God-given call to educate their children. We partner with a variety of families including those who are looking for a strong Christian foundation as well as those who are passionate about finding a safe environment with high expectations and quality academics. Located on the campus of the Verde Community Church we are blessed to have bright spacious classrooms, a full-size gymnasium, and a large playground complete with a plethora of equipment More Info >>


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7:30 am - 4:00 pm

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