Arizona Tax Credit

What is Arizona Tax Credit?
“A tuition tax credit program established for Arizona taxpayers allowing redirection of their tax dollars to help Arizona’s children have a choice in their education. “ -NACSSF

Reasons to Donate


How can I do that?

   * It’s actually quite simple to DIRECT your tax liability to Christian education!

   Just look at last year’s tax return to find out how much you owed and give that amount OR tax credit allowable for your marital status, whichever is less, to NACSSF, to distribute for scholarships; you’ll get it back in your refund.

    * Sound too good to be true?

   You can give money to enable students to attend Christian schools without paying anything out of your pocket, through The ArizonaTax Credit.

   * That’s right!

     It only takes a moment of your time to complete the process. In only a few minutes you can donate online and fill out the additional one page tax form.

  * You are still able to make a contribution for this year.

    The contribution deadline has changed. You currently have until April 15; that’s a total of 15 ½ months to contribute to NACSSF in a tax year! Don’t wait too long…students already enrolled in private schools are depending on timely contributions to enable them to stay in school.

   * You are making an impact in the life of a local child.

   Many students are at a private school because of the sacrifices their parents have made. Often times that isn’t enough; sometimes outside help is needed to keep children in a private school. What a difference it makes for a child to be enrolled in a quality private school that meets their specific needs.

   * You have the ability to aid our local students.

   Maybe you don’t personally know a student at a private school who needs help. Don’t worry there are plenty! Fill out the form and put “where needed” in the appropriate spot. NACSSF has a scholarship review committee that will make sure the money gets to a qualified student.

How Much Can Donate?

Original Individual Tax Credit


This is a tax credit program available for Arizona taxpayers who have a state tax liability. You can DIRECT your state income tax dollars to a scholarship fund organization. It’s your choice; you can see the benefit of your Arizona Tax Credit Dollars working locally in education or let others decide for you where your tax dollars should be used!

You may make a donation anytime during the current tax year or UNTIL April 15 of the following year. If you make a donation after December 31, you need to indicate which tax year you want your tax credit to apply to: 2019 or 2020; it’s that simple.

You can donate up to $1,138.00 (married filing jointly) or $569.00 (single/head of household) or your tax liability whichever is less. Until April 15 for an original Individual tax credit for 2019.

PLUS an additional amounts can be given to the Switcher Tax Credit


Switcher Tax Credit

After donating the full amount allowed under the Original Tax Credit ($1,138 Married Filing Jointly or $569 Single/Head of Household), additional donated amounts may be applied to the SWITCHER Tax Credit or carried over under the Original Tax Credit for up to five years. For the Switcher Tax Credit, up to an additional $1,131 (Married Filing Jointly), or $566 (Single or Head of Household) may be donated.

A total of $2,269.00 (Married) or $1,135.00 (Single) may be donated by combining both
Original and Switcher donations.

Students who are eligible to receive scholarships under the SWITCHER Tax Credit donation include students who:

A. Attended a governmental primary or secondary school or attended a preschool program that offers services to students with disabilities.   Students must have attended for at least 90 days of the prior fiscal year and are transferring to a qualified school.

B. Are enrolling in a qualified school in a Kindergarten program.

C. Are the dependent of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is stationed in Arizona pursuant to military orders.

D. Received an educational scholarship or tuition grant under one of the above criteria or from the low-income corporate donation program if the child continues to attend a qualified school in a subsequent year.

The first ($1,138 Married Filing Jointly) donated to a School Tuition Organization (or $569 Single or Head of Household) must be claimed as an Original Tax Credit.

No credit can be claimed for the Switcher credit until the maximum credit is claimed for the Original credit.

Tax forms can be downloaded from our “Forms” page to submit with your tax return. Please contact your tax adviser for further information. NACSSF will send an annual receipt.


Donate Now!

VCA works with the NACSSF (Northern Arizona Christian School Scholarship Fund)
After you claim the tax credit in your AZ taxes you can make a donation by using any one of the following options:
  1. Mail a completed NACSSF pamphlet (you can pick a pamphlet at our school office) with your donation to:
P.O Box 3923, Cottonwood, AZ 86326
  1. Go to to contribute online
  2. Bring your donation and completed NACSSF pamphlet into the school office

How does this the Arizona Tax Credit support VCA?

The monies given to NACSSF in recommendation for VCA are then redistributed by NACSSF to pay for the tuition of students enrolled at Verde Christian Academy.

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