Enrollment Process
  1. Parents must agree to support the school’s mission and core values.
  2. Parents must allow the child to be educated by the school according to the educational philosophy outlined in our Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and Core Values. A child entering for the first time may be academically evaluated before enrolling.  A child transferring from another school shall also provide school records from all previous schools.  A child transferring from home school shall provide home school records.
  3. A Kindergarten child shall be five years old on or before September 1 of the coming school year. Exceptional circumstances may allow enrollment of a slightly younger child. Each case shall be based on a thorough evaluation by faculty.


**Verde Christian Academy is not equipped to handle students with severe academic, social, or behavioral struggles.  A major criterion for entrance into a Christian school is that the student be academically capable to deal with the curriculum and to work acceptably with others.


Preschool/Kindergarten/First Grade Age Requirements –  Pre-3, Pre-4 and Kindergarten students must be three, four, and five years old by

September 1, and first grade students must be six years old by September 1.  Rare exceptions may be made after following a rigorous process.

Entrance Tests— Basic tests may be given or evaluated for each child as necessary to determine academic achievement and placement.


Standardized Tests—The Terra Nova Achievement Test is administered each year to all students in grades K-6.  The In-View Test is given to all students in grades 1, 3, and 5.  Test scores are shared with parents as soon as they become available.


Transfer Students—The school will not accept transferred students in grades where their accomplishments, according to school records, are not up to acceptable standards.  This will be determined by an examination of entrance test results, transferred grades, and previous work habits.


Enrollment Process

All families desiring to enroll at VCA must successfully complete all parts of the enrollment Process.


Step 1—Fill out the necessary applications and provide vital records: Birth Certificate, Immunization Record, Enrollment App., Scholarship App., Enrollment Agreement and Records request—grades 1-6.


Step 2—Family tour & interview with the School Administrator

During the family interview the Administrator will inquire to ensure the family is in agreement with the school’s Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and Core Values. Additionally, the Administrator will evaluate the student’s attitude, demeanor, and educational ability and answer any questions the family may have.  Following the family interview the Administrator will take the family on a school tour.  Within the following week a letter explaining your child’s enrollment placement, enrolled or waiting list, will be sent.


Step 3—When the family has been notified of enrollment, they will meet with the Administrative Assistant to finalize the enrollment process. The Administrative Assistant will also ensure that registration/supply fees are paid at the time of enrollment.


Waitlist Procedure

At VCA we often have more qualified students than we do spaces in some classes. In order to continue to provide the highest level of education academically and spiritually, we consider many factors when determining the enrollment of a prospective student.  As we do not only consider application date we do not communicate specific waitlist positions.  It is important to note that we are a mission-based school and as such faith in Christ is not a pre-requisite for acceptance at VCA.

When enrolling new students we will consider many factors


  • Sibling Enrollment Status
  • Family Interviews
  • Student/Family Interest in Attending VCA
  • Academic History
  • Application Date/Completeness
  • Family -Multiple students
  • VCA Faculty/Staff Status
  • Placement Testing
  • Classroom Space
  • Student Conduct and Attendance History
  • Church/Community Involvement
  • Written Parent Testimony


Pre-qualified students that remain on the wait list after school starts in August may have an opportunity to enroll during the school-year should an opening occur provided that their child is the most qualified candidate at the time. Wait listed students are automatically carried over to the following school year. After the re-enrollment of VCA current students concludes in January/February, new student acceptance letters will be mailed in March and mid-April and then throughout the summer as individual openings emerge.

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