Quality First Scholarship

(Preschool Only)

This Quality First Scholarship for preschoolers only.

VCA is a 3 star Quality First Certified Preschool. With this certification comes some scholarship monies that we can offer qualifying preschool students.

What is Quality First?

“Quality First – a signature program of First Things First – partners with regulated early childhood providers to make quality improvements that research proves help children birth to 5 thrive, such as education for teachers to expand their expertise in working with young children. It also supports parents with information about what to look for in quality early childhood programs that goes beyond health and safety to include a nurturing environment that supports their child’s learning.

First Things First is a voter-created, statewide organization that funds early education and health programs to help kids be successful once they enter kindergarten. Decisions about how those funds are spent are made by local councils staffed by community volunteers. To learn more, visit” –


Who qualifies for a Quality First Scholarship?

 To find out who qualifies for these scholarships, please review the chart below showing federal poverty levels. To qualify for these scholarships you must fall at or below the 200% for your family’s income in one year. The easiest way to see is go to the 200% column and go down. Look across to match up the number of people in your household. This is the yearly income requirement. If you are at or below that amount you may qualify for a scholarship.

Persons in Household

48 Contiguous States and D.C. Poverty Guidelines

100% 133% 138% 150% 200% 250% 300% 400%
1 $12,060 $16,040 $16,643 $18,090 $24,120 $30,150 $36,180 $48,240
2 $16,240 $21,599 $22,411 $24,360 $32,480 $40,600 $48,720 $64,960
3 $20,420 $27,159 $28,180 $30,630 $40,840 $51,050 $61,260 $81,680
4 $24,600 $32,718 $33,948 $36,900 $49,200 $61,500 $73,800 $98,400
5 $28,780 $38,277 $39,716 $43,170 $57,560 $71,950 $86,340 $115,120
6 $32,960 $43,837 $45,485 $49,440 $65,920 $82,400 $98,880 $131,840
7 $37,140 $49,396 $51,253 $55,710 $74,280 $92,850 $111,420 $148,560
8 $41,320 $54,956 $57,022 $61,980 $82,640 $103,300 $123,960 $165,280
Add $4,180 for each person over 8

If you do believe you will qualify for a scholarship and would like to apply for one you may print an application from the link below and bring it in to the school office, or come by the school office and pick up an application. The application needs to be completely filled out and the following paperwork included with the application.

*copies of the last month pay stubs (for all who are employed)

*a copy of the front form of your taxes to verify number in household    (You may black out any info except your names and number in household)

*copy of your child’s birth certificate

Everythingneeds to be turned in to the VCA office fully completed to be considered for a scholarship.

Applications are due the June before the school year your child will be attending. Applications will then be reviewed by the VCA Scholarship Committee. We are limited on the number of scholarships that will be given out each school year. Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Quality First Application 2019-2020


What is Arizona Tax Credit?

Arizona Tax Credit

“A tuition tax credit program established for Arizona taxpayers allowing redirection of their tax dollars to help Arizona’s children have a choice in their education. “ -NACSSF

“Credit for Contributions to School Tuition Organizations

An individual may claim a credit for making a donation to a School Tuition Organization for scholarships to private schools. The maximum credit amount that may be taken for tax year 2016 is $545 for single, unmarried head of household and married filing separate filers and $1,090 for married filing joint filers. The maximum credit amount that may be taken for tax year 2017 is $546 for single, unmarried head of household and married filing separate filers and $1,092 for married filing joint filers. The tax credit for contributions to private school tuition organizations is claimed by the individual taxpayer on Form 323.

An individual may claim an additional credit for making a donation to a School Tuition Organization if the amount contributed is greater than the maximum amount that can be claimed on form 323. The maximum credit amount that may be taken for tax year 2016 is $542 for single, unmarried head of household and married filing separate filers and $1,083 for married filing joint filers. The maximum credit amount that may be taken for tax year 2017 is $543 for single, unmarried head of household and married filing separate filers and $1,085 for married filing joint filers. The tax credit for contributions to certified school tuition organizations-individuals is claimed by the individual taxpayer on Form 348 .”

School Tax Credits for Individuals


Who can donate?

“Any Arizona taxpayer, who has a tax liability, may give to support this program by redirection of their tax dollars paid to the state of Arizona.” -NACSSF

Your AZ tax credit donation is a redirection of the money you paid in taxes to the state of Arizona.  This donation does not come out of your AZ tax refund. It is a dollar for dollar tax credit, not a deduction.


How do I utilize this tax credit on my taxes?

VCA works with the NACSSF (Northern Arizona Christian School Scholarship Fund)

After you claim the tax credit in your AZ taxes you can make a donation by using any one of the following options:

  1. Mail a completed NACSSF pamphlet (you can pick a pamphlet at our school office) with your donation to:


P.O Box 3923, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

2. Go to to contribute online

3.Bring your donation and completed NACSSF pamphlet into the school office


How does my Student receive Scholarship money from the Arizona Tax Credit?

There is a place on the NACSSF pamphlet to fill in a recommended student.  This is how many students attending VCA receive scholarship money from the NACSSF, along with general donations to the NACSSF scholarship fund.

If you have a student currently enrolled at VCA and would like to find out if they qualify to receive scholarship funds from the NACSSF, please fill out anAZ Tax Credit scholarship application and turn it into the School Office.


Download NACSSF Scholarship Application


Recommending a student-

The parents of a student applying for a scholarship from NACSSF cannot recommend their own child on the NACSSF pamphlet, but grandparents, and all other family members are allowed to recommend the child on their tax credit forms.

“Though recommendations are allowed and considered for both tax credit programs (“original” & “switcher”) each program has a different set of criteria for student qualifications. If you recommend a student, they may only qualify for one of the programs and not the other program. In that case the portion of the donation which the student does not qualify for will go to the aid of another qualified student. “-NACSSF

For more information about the Arizona Tax credit or NACSSF you can call/visit our school office or


Click Link below for a list of other available scholarship organizations

List of STO’s

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